DIY home decor ideas for Christmas

Christmas in UK means celebrations and decorations! Apart from adorning the Christmas tree, people doll up their houses and offices too to make the environment around them more Christmassy!


Well, things tend to get a li’l pricey during Christmas. You can buy stuff from stores or online at discounts at cheap rates by availing vouchers, deals, coupon codes, and should also keep an eye on the sale items to get decoration ornaments and crafts at reduced prices. In this way, you can beautify your home for Christmas all by yourself!

Here are some glittering DIY ideas to make your home look the best during Christmas. Check it out.


1)    Start with the door!


Here’s from where your guests will make an entry, and hence your entrance door is the first thing they’ll notice. Not only that, you can jazz up the look of all your doors at home. Here’s what you can do:


  1. A) Got a wooden door at the entrance? Simply cut out coloured papers in the shape of cartoons, or a deer/ice bear or a Santa Claus welcoming the guests, and stick them on with glue on the door! Children would love it!


  1. B) You can attach winter garlands on the three borders of the door and adorn it with Christmas balls, stars and bells to give it a more Christmassy feel.


  1. C) You can cut out a Christmas tree out of green chart paper and stick it on the door, and decorate the tree as per your imagination and creativity.


2)    Then the windows.


Windows apart from helping you breathe (letting the oxygen in, we mean) also adds to the overall look of your home. Here are some tips on how you can decorate them:


  1. A) Start by attaching fluffy winter garlands right across your window at the top. Put up strings of golden lights on them (either horizontally or vertically or in both ways), hang small Christmas bells, balls or stars from them, or attach a glass wind chime or glass bubbles to the winter garland, and give it a very special icy treatment!


  1. B) Tie up red/silver/golden ribbons from the curtain rods, and suspend small toys, jokers, Santa pieces or decorative and shiny balls, or other things from the ribbons to jazz up your windows!


  1. C) Replace your curtain holder with a small tree branch and fix strings of golden lights on them. Place scented candles on beautiful candleholders, or/and keep wrapped gifts on the ground in front of the windows to enhance its appearance.


3)    Get started with the stairs.


Your guests are sure to notice your staircase at home, and this demands to be decorated as well. So, here are some DIY ideas for adorning the stairs.


  1. A) The easiest way to decorate the staircase is by putting up a dressed up and shiny winter garland (made of pine cones) across the staircase lining. Strings of white/golden lights, balls and bells can be attached to the same.


  1. B) Another tip is to twirl and tie the winter garland across the staircase line, and simply add huge ribbons (colour as per your preference) at three junctures in the shape of a knot! Simple yet classy, eh?


  1. C) If you think winter garlands are too mainstream, take this alternative option. Put up bunches of your favourite flowers (orchids, roses being the safest choices) across the staircase line. This will add a special aura and an air of freshness to your home!


4)    Deck up the fireplace!


The fireplace is the main attraction during Christmas at your home. Helps to keep you warm, and totally gives the Christmassy feel. Here are some easy ideas to doll up the fireplace.


  1. A) In a semi-circle pattern, attach a winter garland on top of the fireplace. Take huge and big-sized socks (different colours and patterns) and pin them on it. Place mini trees, glass bubbles, plastic lanterns and other décor items at the top of the mantle to spruce up the look of the fireplace.


  1. B) Take bunches of strings of red ribbons and fix cranberries on them, and put it across the fireplace. At the top of the mantle, place glass jars with mini trees inside them to add a Christmassy touch to it.


  1. C) To cut down on efforts, simple place your well-decorated Christmas tree beside your fireplace to add all the glamour to it.


Go on! Get started with your Christmas decorations now. Winter is here!


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