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The Agility is the sport mode for dogs and people with more possibilities for fun, opens the door to owners who want to develop the capabilities of your dog and at the same time strengthen their bond of union, practicing sport.

This idea began to take shape in 1977, when John Warley wanted to create an activity of different entertainment for the large public that he went to see the online dog trainer shows in England.

The idea that arose was “If horses, do not why not dogs?” and was based on the famous horse riding competitions, in fact one within the agility test is called “jumping” (deleted obstacles with contact surfaces).

Became a reality in 1978, Crufts Dogs show in London, and from that date until our times have not stopped growing the followers of this wonderful sport. In essence, what you should get a dog for Agility competition, is to make a tour with obstacles without penalties and in the shortest possible time, by what we got not only valued the speed, but the correct execution of exercises. Therefore the evaluation of the results is impartial, not depending on subjective criteria.



According to the regulation of the R.S.C.E (the Royal Canine society of Spain) and the FCI, tours are organized into official tracks with a minimum size of 30 m x 40 m. Each course will have a length of 100 to 200m, and according to the category of evidence shall comprise between 15 and 22 obstacles, of which at least 7 are fences.

Testing different sleeves are always new to the dog travels, since only you have access to the track guide before the competition, to memorize the route.

Each track will take place in the time established by the judge (TRS: standard of travel time). It seeks to achieve that guide and dog prove his skill to deal with different situations with the greatest possible ability. For the execution of each track, the guide will indicating the dog through his voice and gestures, the correct order of face every obstacle.

Not allowed to carry nothing in their hands or touching the obstacles or the dog. The dog can not carry any type of necklace during the test, in order to avoid any mishap to overcome obstacles. Dogs shall be subject to veterinary checks before competitions, verifying the rabies vaccination certificates.

Sick, injured dogs or females in gestation period will not be accepted. Females in heat can be admitted on condition of staying away from the other participants and act in late position. Also will be a test of socialization participating dogs, to check if you have a problem of aggression with people.

There are three categories:

  • S makeover (small): for dogs with less than 35 cm in height at the withers.
  • “Midi” m (medium): for dogs 35 cm or more, and less than 43 cm.
  • “Standard” l (large): for dogs with 43 cm or more in height at the withers.

This leaves us with the possibility of enjoying our dog regardless of their race or size, all we need is to have wanted to learn playing a sport with our partner.…

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