Making the Most of Your Home Office

So the question for you at this moment is, why do you need to launch the regret you’ve selected to allow move of?



select a symbol or image that represents the weight of your beyond.

How do you revel in your remorse? What image comes for your thoughts whilst you ruminate on what became not, however you want were? Examples might be a heavy rope that ties you down . . . a big pile of papers underneath which you feel buried . . . a calendar with 365 same pages announcing, “She left me!” . . . a gold medal being given to someone else . . . a plane commencing without you . . . the face of someone who angry you . . . the tree that fell to your prized automobile.



turn a chunk of paper into an object for releasing the past.

you could do that step for your creativeness or in reality. After you’ve got study to the stop of the thing, you can recognise which way can paintings excellent for you. In either case, I propose you pick out a paper in a yucky color, one you sincerely do not like. What if you instead like any colorations? at the least choose one which isn’t always your very favored. subsequent, on this paper write the lesson you have discovered and the motive why you need to allow cross of your remorse. Then draw your image or image.


Now you’ve got an internal picture (or a bit of fact, if you are truely doing this) of your lesson, purpose, and symbol that can be the car thru which you can let go of your regret.


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Plan a ceremony in which you will cast off the paper.

there are many opportunities. you can row out to the center of a lake, drop the paper over the aspect and watch as it floats for a moment and then sinks deep underneath the surface. you could placed the paper into a shredder and watch it cut it right into a zillion pieces. How approximately simply flushing it down the bathroom or burning it? Then too, you may continually get a shovel and bury it! however be cautious you do not flip around and positioned a marker to let you know in which it is. that might make it too easy to dig up once more!