Most Beautiful Good Morning My Love

Most Beautiful Good Morning My Love

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i was born to dry your tears through my smile.
although, i also have my problems.

dreams are the elixir of life

the music enchants me …
… and delight everyone … satisfy me.

“my soul is constantly rejoicing in the presence of the holy spirit of god bringing me something else i can get with my faith.” -by bunny

we should not be sad because it passes but happy because it happened.

i like people who fight for a lovely life, that there is no compelling dream in his memory and that only the simplicity and character reach their heart.

build condominiums and buildings on a horizontal sea, wandering and spreads contagiously perfuming and by that joy sea and youth.

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between being happy or having reason … rather be happily ever

people are like constellations
shine when it joined
disappear when they lose.

i am thinking of a project to help the self-esteem of you, every time someone is sad i send my picture and the person is happy.

the feeling of happiness is always the same; what differs is what makes us happy.

life was given to us as a divine gift …. so that we can love … to multiply to our joys … nothing more beautiful than to share cuddles and affection with friends … life it is a special grace and together we can cultivate the beautiful harmony of happiness

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happiness comes to those who mourn. fight for what you love is essential; knowing how to lose is noble. accept defeat and move on to another battle is often the only option.

that sensitive and pure of heart are blessed with the grace of divine love … and hope that this renewal is alive in our souls

want to make me suffer, give me happiness.

sometimes we try so hard to make others happy that we forget ourselves. at this point it would be enough a sweet smile and a warm hug to rescue our own joy and the tears ceased.

we spend so much time complaining about the life that we forget to open the door and let happiness in.

love is just love when two people are able and free of heart and soul, to say i love you.

love, ah! love … he alone has the power to keep us alive, even when it died.

only our subconscious is able to hear all of our silence.

where have a lot of food will
show my other side
learn to eat is my life
yes, I’m a starving!

all is corrupted
one cannot deny
the good have died
who will save ?! but i tell my brother even with the world so still there is a heart that prays for me

today everything is beautiful tomorrow everything will be just memories of the past.

the fear of making mistakes, only postpones happiness …

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